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I have always loved Christmas.  I am sure it had nothing to do with me being born 5 days before or even having my first child two days after Christmas.  The fact is, we had a hay field that was not being utilized, so in  late summer, of 2016, I looked at David and said, “ I would like to have a Christmas tree farm.”  I think he thought I was kidding, but he soon figured out I was not.


I started searching and requesting seeds and we planted 1200 seedlings the day after Thanksgiving that same year.  We have 12 acres designated for Christmas trees.  The first year we lost probably close to half of them.  We currently have approximately 6,000 trees growing at various stages of growth.  It is a labor of love and helps to keep us active as we age. Our two grown boys, daughter in law, two grandchildren help when they can.  It is a family affair and we try to make it fun.  


For me, the tree farm is a spiritual place. I lost both of my parents in 2017.  My mom was able to see the tree farm, but my dad had Alzheimer’s so he never saw it, but he would have loved it.  My mom would tell me, "your daddy would love being out there with you working and trimming those trees!"  So, now I know God had planted this seed of love in me, so I would have place to go to talk to my parents as I work.  


So you see, it is a labor of love in many ways for me!  It is not a hobby. The Christmas Shop was something I wanted to have, so people could shop for a special ornament that would remind them of their experience here at our farm or for a gift for someone else or for their self.  I’ve always loved to decorate for Christmas and make things special in our home for the Christmas season.  So the gift shop only made sense. It allows me to help people with their own decorating ideas.


It's our desire for families to bring their children and family to make us part of their Christmas tradition and grow with us.  It is a lot of hard work, labor intensive ten month job.  Mowing, spraying, trimming, weeding, planting, and preparing for Christmas season.  But, I love having families out at Christmas to enjoy our labor of love. People are always happy and excited to be here!  


God has sent angels through our tree farm the first year we opened. I had a lady tell me she had not celebrated Christmas since she lost her mom years ago, but because of her visit to our farm that has set her free and she purchased and put up her first tree since losing her mom. There are others that have touched my heart in so many ways, I will always cherish those special ones and others that God placed in my path. We have been truly blessed by everyone that comes to our farm!


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